Structure/Vocabulary: What do you do? / Where are you from…? / Are you a …? / What´s your name / address / telephone number?
Functions: Asking for and giving personal information.
Materials: I.D. cards, survey sheet, crossword puzzle, model paragraph


Skills: Speaking, reading, writing.
Organization: Mixer.
(1) Give each student a new identity (ID card). Give out all the cards with asterisks first. Tell students they are now the person on the card. Explain any vocabulary or help with pronunciation.
(2) Give students survey sheet. Tell them it is their job to complete the survey. They should interview as many classmates as possible in the time given, writing their answers carefully on the sheet.


Skills: Writing, reading, speaking, listening
Organization: Pairs, mixer
(1) Put students into pairs. Give each pair one copy of the crossword puzzle.
(2) Students must fill out the crossword puzzle, using the information they collected in the Pre-Activity. They can also ask classmates for more information or confer about answers.


Skills: Writing.
Organization: Individual.
Procedures: Have students write a brief biography about some of the people they interviewed.


 Identities [pdf 19 kb]

Survey Sheet

 Survey Sheet [pdf 15 kb]

Crossword Puzzle

 Crossword Puzzle [pdf 55 kb]

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