Structure/Vocabulary: Simple present tense questions and answers
Functions: Asking for and giving personal information.
Materials: Reading about dating bureaus, forms


Skills: Vocabulary building, reading
Organization: Individual, pairs, whole group.
(1) Ask how many Ss are married or have boy/girlfriends. Tell them that we are going to imagine all are single and unattached.
(2) Give each Ss a copy of the reading. They read and answer questions.
(3) Have them compare their answers.
(4) Correct and answer any vocabulary questions.


Skills:Speaking, listening, writing
Organization: Pairs, Groups of 4
You’re single and want to find a date so you go to a dating bureau. You will be asked some questions. Answer honestly.
(1) Give each pair a questionnaire. Write a number in the upper right hand corner of each questionnaire.
(2) They interview each other and fill out the form. Be sure they don’t write their names on the questionnaires, but that they remember their numbers.
(3) Collect the forms.
(4) Mix up the pairs, putting them in groups of four.
(5) Give each group the organization sheets and four questionnaires (hopefully not theirs). Be sure each group gets all male or all female forms.
(6) Ss fill out the organization sheets.
(7) The organization sheets are put on the wall.
(8) Ss get up and look at the sheets. They write the numbers of the people who look like they would get along best together.
(9) Get Ss to report on the pairs ("I think numbers ___ and ___ would get along well together / have a lot in common. For example, ___ likes ___ and so does ___.")
(10) Find out who the numbers refer to.


Skills: Writing.
Organization: Individual.
Ss write a brief profile of themselves for the dating service / or they write about the results of the group work.

Pre-Activity: Reading

 Reading [pdf 13 kb]

Activity: Questionnaire

 Questionnaire [pdf 18 kb]

Activity: Answer Sheet

 Answer Sheet [pdf 12 kb]

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