Developing a Professional Presentation


The purpose of this guide is to help you prepare a professional presentation. Start with Doing Research and go through the other categories. You'll get ideas on how to get your presentation going.

Suggestion:Visit the Doing Research and Knowing your Audience sections first and then once you have begun preparing the presentation, concentrate on Organizing your Thoughts, The Presentation and Multimedia Support.

Doing Research

Using the Internet for Academic Research - A comprehensive list of where you can look for information.

How to do Research on the Internet - How do you get started on your research?
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Knowing your Audience

Communications Skills Test- How well can you communicate with others?

Analyze Your Audience - Before you give any kind of presentation, first know who you are talking to.

Credibility Self-Assessment - Do you believe in what you are selling?

Analyzing your Audience - What are the general aspects you need to be aware of when you are analyzing your audience.

Organizing your Thoughts

Organize and Write your Speech - The steps you need to go through to organize what you want to say.

Introducing your Presentation- How you start out is very important.

Concluding your Presentation - This is probably one of the hardest parts of a presentation.

Use CPR to Make Your Presentations More Powerful - Hints to making a presentation memorable.

The Presentation

Mode of Delivery- Read? Memorize? or Extemporaneous?

There's Much More to Presenting Than the Words We Say - Giving a powerful presentation.

Public Speaking- Some articles about what to do with your body.
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On Stage Tips(
Gimme Three Steps

Multimedia Support

Using Visual Aides - What kinds of visual aids can you use?

Power Point tips- Just click on the links or browse down the page.

More Power Point Tips- More ways to use Power Point efficiently.

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