Structure/Vocabulary: Spelling, “how do you spell your last name?”
Functions: Asking for and giving information
Materials: Listening comprehension: Teacher’s copy, cards

Skills: Listening and writing
Organization: Organization: Individual, whole group
(1) Explain that students are spies and they have to find out the name of their contacts over the phone.
(2) Spell out the names twice and students write them.
(3) Correct.

Skills:Listening, speaking, writing
Organization: Mixer
Part One: Students are spies and are going to call their local contacts in order to find out the names of their contacts for their next job.
Part Two:Students are on the job and must find their contacts.

Part One:
(1) Give each student a card with a name.
(2) In a mixer, students find a partner and stand back-to-back (since they are talking on the phone they can’t see each other).
(3) Students ask “Who’s my contact?” and the partner answers. Spy asks how to spell the name and writes it down.
(4) Repeat until each student has the name of his / her contact.
(5) Collect cards.

Part Two:
(1) Hand out the cards again, giving students a new identity.
(2) Spies have to find the contact that was given to them in Part One (“Excuse me. What’s your name?…How do you spell that?”) Students cannot show their cards. Tell students they can pronounce the name any way they want. The pronunciation isn’t important, the spelling is.


 Name cards [pdf 18 kb]

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