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Structure/Vocabulary BE Present with IWQ
Functions Asking and giving information
(1) Cards with new identities, addresses, hometown and present location.
(2) Information Sheet.
(3) Puzzle.
(4) Model paragraph.


Skills Listening
Organization Whole group, individual.
Situation The students are government agents who must uncover a dangerous spy. The spy's identity will be revealed to them with various clues. They must find out the spy's identity and discover where he/she is hiding now.
(1) Set up the situation using the listening practice provided.
(2) Teacher reads paragraph two times and SS write answers to comprehension questions.
(3) Correct and read again. Make sure SS understand situation.


Skills Listening and speaking, reading and writing,
Organization Mixer, Groups of three or four, Mixer again
(1) Give each student a new identity card; help with pronunciation. Give out cards with asterisks first.
(2) Mixer. Each student fills out information sheet by asking other students.
(3) Groups: Give each group a different puzzle sheet to fill out together using the information from the mixer. If necessary, students can ask other students questions.
(4) Once students have spy's last name from the puzzle sheet they must find him/her and ask for present location. Note: There are six different puzzles so each group has a different spy.


Skills Writing.
Organization Groups from Activity above.
Give students Spy Report form. Using the information they got from the puzzle, they fill out the report.




“Listen very carefully. You have a dangerous mission. You have to find a very dangerous spy. We don't know the name of the spy. We don't know where the spy is from. We don't know the spy's address. We don't even know where the spy is. We only know one thing. This spy has stolen some very secret documents from the White House in Washington. The President of the United States is very worried. You must find the spy as soon as possible. The future of the world is in your hands.”

Answer true or false.

1. We know the spy's name.
2. The spy has some very secret papers.
3. The documents are in Mexico.
4. The President is very happy.
5. Your mission is very important.

1. False.
2. True.
3. False.
4. True.
5. True



 New Identities [pdf 18 kb]

Information Sheet

 Information Sheet [pdf 13 kb]


 Puzzles and answers [pdf 36 kb]


Spy Report Form

 Spy Report Form [pdf 7 kb]

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