Description of Activity:
There are 3 parts: The first is an introductory reading passage that introduces vocabulary and the theme (a Marathon); a logic problem that is solved in groups; and finally, to close out, a listening comprehension practice.
Object of Activity:
Ss practice with ordinal numbers and present tense while they practice speaking, listening and reading English.
Time: 50 minutes.
Part 1: Copies of the reading with comprehension questions;
Part 2: Sets of cards with clues to logic puzzle (10 different cards per group);
Part 3: S´s sheets and T's copy of listening practice.

(1) Give each student a copy of the reading.
(2) Ask students to read the article and try to guess the meaning of unknown vocabulary.
(3) When they finish, have them answer the questions. They can compare their answers in pairs or groups and then discuss the correct answers with the entire class.
(4) Answer any vocabulary questions at this point.

Tell Ss they work at a radio news agency and they are reporting the results of the Boston Marathon. They are reading the results off their fax machine, but something has gone wrong. The information is coming in all mixed up and some co-workers have part of the information they need. They have to share what they know with each other in order to write their article and find out who won the race, who was second, third, etc.

Put Ss in groups of 10. Groups of 5 is possible, each S gets 2 cards.
(1) Give each S an information card.
(2) By sharing the information Ss have to find out who won the race, who came is second, third, etc.
(3) Don't give Ss ideas on how to solve the puzzle, just let them work it out. Tell them they must speak only English. Give them sufficient time to find the answers.

Skills: Listening
(1) If necessary explain decimals: 10.9 seconds (ten point nine or ten and nine tenths), before beginning the practice.
(2) Read the following commentary about a 100-meter race 3 times.
(3) Have the Ss complete their charts, 1 column of the chart each time you read.
(4) Correct answers and read again.


Pre-Activity: Reading

 Reading [pdf 13 kb]

Activity: Puzzle Cards

 Puzzle Cards [pdf 7 kb]

First Place: Acosta
Second Place: Reynolds
Third Place: James
Fourth Place: Gomez
Fifth Place: Peterson.

Post-Activity: Tapescript

 Tapescript [pdf 8 kb]

Post-Activity: Handout

 Listening Comprehension Handout [pdf 24 kb]

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