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Developing a Professional Presentation
The purpose of this guide is to help students prepare a Professional Presentations. Students start with Research and go through the other categories to get ideas on how to get a presentation going.

Archaelogical Field Work, an Internet Hotlist on Field Work
This list supplies students with different sites they can use as references. This can lead to many activities: (1) After visiting the sites students write a letter applying to work there, explaining why they are interested in that site and why they think they can be useful. This provides practice in both reading and writing and if you have students work in pairs--oral work too. (2) Students work in groups use the sites to prepare a rally/ treasure hunt--they write a series of 10 or 20 questions about the sites (they can be hard or easy to find) and then they pass their questions off to another group who has to look for the answers. It give them practice in reading, writing questions and oral work as they work on the questionnaires. (3) Students can choose a site they are interested in and prepare an oral report about it.
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